Fomged Youth Club

FOMGED Youth Club, established in Istanbul, in 1985, as a NGO, has aimed to insist the feelings of sharing, friendship, love and respect into young people from all over the world on a common platform. In this context, the club has been dedicated to make this goal happen by holding social and cultural events for twenty eight years.

FOMGED believes that the basic principle of World Peace and Friendship's being strong and permanent lays in bringing people together with various activities and letting them learn how to share.

FOMGED has attanded international festivals and activities in various countries with its dance and music groups; thus it has provided its groups the oppourtunity of exchanging cultures and socializing with people from different cultures and social environments.

Therewithal, our club has hold international festivals in big cities in Turkey such as Ankara the Capital, Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir for twenty eight years. It has achieved to become one of the most well-known youth clubs of the world and have thousands of sympathizers from many countries of the world.

We, as FOMGED, will always be intended to make the world's youth believe that they can make the world more beautiful by emphasizing the importance of sharing and also to insist the feelings of brotherhood, peace, love and respect into them so they can understand each other better.

We are honoured and glad to serve for the whole world's peace and friendship.