Youth Camps

A new project that we have started 10 years ago for our youth! They have now a great chance to get to know each other and spend a spectacular time in nature!

We, as FOMGED, are working hard to create atmospheres which let our youth have chances to meet and get to know about each other. 10 years ago, we started this youth camp project to create a different event for them. These camps are their new home in nature!

Our desire for youth is to learn how to be a better person to both nature and people in their development periods. We believe that these camps that we organize with this thought are a great opportunity for them.

What is in the camps?

We tried to keep a wide range of activities. They can attend various hand-crafts practices such as marbling, glassblowing, t-shirt printing, games activities such as paintball, orienteering and nature sports such as rafting, climbing with expert instructors. Moreover, nature trips and night entertainments help them make their vacation more colorful.

What do we provide?

We provide 3 meals a day, accommodation in tents, WC and shower, transportation to the activity areas. A health crew is present 24/7 during the camps to supervise the children's emergency health situations.

Why youth camps?

We believe we need to pay attention to our youth's development especially nowadays considering the technology has developed so much and the disadvantages it has brought to our lives. We are expecting these youth camps are very useful for our children to improve their social and personal skills such as taking responsibility, creativity, sharing, rapid decision making, self-confidence, team spirit, self-expression, hand-crafts, surviving etc. Besides, we also hope that our children can have the chance to re-evaluate the basic feelings inside such as brotherhood, peace, love and respect through these camps.